Monday, May 12, 2008

Well Then

Ya'll remember back a while, when I posted about Cowboy Mechanic, and how he was angling for the Farm Boyfriend title?

Well, he stole the plaque while I was sleeping, so I suppose I'll keep him around a while, if for no other reason than he continues to surprise me with flowers and comes in a handy package with three great kids to play with, a girl and two boys. All of them absolutely adore their dad, and I can't blame 'em for it a bit.

His oldest had her first softball game of the season today, and got thrown into the catcher's position with no practice. She did pretty danged good, too, but had a few wild throws and some missed catches that she was feeling down about, until I told her she'd done better than I would have and distracted her by starting a hat fight.

After they dropped me off at the apartment and headed home tonight, she told her dad "I like her. She's a keeper."

I couldn't ask for higher praise.