Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Either I'm super awesome or I lucked out on this job and got a fairly awesome boss, because not even a full month into the job, he not only decided to put me on full time, nearly a month before he originally thought he would, but today he also told me that as of the first of the month I'll be getting a fifty cent an hour raise.

Considering I spent almost three hours tonight sitting on my ass on a stool, because there was nothing else *required* to do and my knees hurt just a bit too much to go crawling around chasing dust bunnies under shelves, or counting floor tiles, or doing any other time wasting task, I gotta say... this is probably the easiest job I've ever had.

And now, I'll be making the same base rate I was at El Marto Del Wal, but bringing home more, because it's forty hours every week instead of thirty two, or whatever the computer felt like giving me that week.

He's talking another raise in about a month, too. I think I'll keep this job, all things considered.