Sunday, September 30, 2007


Due to the fact that a) Pixel cat is knocked up, and getting close to spawning, b) Farmmom really doesn't want to deal with another litter of kittens without me there to entertain them and keep them as corralled as possible, and c) when said kittens are weaned they will become barn cats for the college, my apartment is now home to one stressed out contraband kitty.

About halfway through the drive up here she chilled out enough to sit in my lap and be petted (it was dark by then, which helped) but once I let her back out of the box (screw jack in the box, you want to be startled put a cat in a box) in the apartment she started giving me the awful mommy glare.

She's now hiding under my end table (how did she fit??) and panting, glaring out at me. My arm sports fresh scratches from when I picked her up to show her where the new litter box and the food were.

Everyone cross your fingers that the complex managers don't need to come into my apartment for the next couple of months. I'll be shutting her in the bedroom while I'm out for a few days at least, so that she won't make a run for the door and get lost.

Of course, if they do discover that I have a cat I can always cite the rat problem next door......

This has absolutely nothing to do with my missing my fuzzy critters. Nope, not a thing.