Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Well, classes are well and truly underway, and I've just about settled into the routine. I don't have to check my schedule anymore to make sure of what class I'm supposed to be going to, at least.

The barn is as much fun as it always has been, with the interesting change of a new horse. Huge kudos to E for his fantastic job with Etta, she's still green but she's doing great, with a few small caveats. She doesn't like her left lead, for some reason. But only when we're asked for it in class. And, since I got used to Monkey, the horse who's leads you could feel in your sleep, I don't always catch that Etta, miss compact, is off lead. Grr. It is a great thing, though, to be able to control speed without having to hold her in like a race horse. I sit down, and she slows down. It helps, too, that the advanced training students are using the top arena for their reining, and they've been working it pretty much every day. Stays nice and deep. I think the instructors are trying to get the arena in shape to do sliding stops... they've got a ways to go yet.

Management... well it's basically doing a big project all semester. Designing, building, and "running" (on paper) a set of stables.

Computerized Farm Records... bird class. I am learning some new things about Excel, and maybe about Quick Books once we get into it, but it's all concepts that I've grasped for a while.

Math, is math. I don't like it, but I still have to do it. Coming up on the Chapter One (if John has one hundred and twenty cows, and wants to buy a bull for every thirty five cows, how many bulls must John buy?) test Thursday. Obviously, I'm not that worried about it.

Intro to PC Applications. Snore. Seriously, if I had Office 2007, I could go through the book at home and get all of the projects done in a couple of weeks, and then show up in class, turn them in, and go home. As it is, I have to go to class to do them, because I don't have Office 2007. It still doesn't take me nearly the whole class, unless the book is being psychotic (which it sometimes is,) and leaving essential instructions as to formatting in tiny little side notes, instead of with the rest of the instructions on the projects. Occasionally frustrating, but mainly it's the most basic of PC usage.

Things are going well, I think. None of my classes are stressing me out yet, although the project for Management will get that one done eventually I'm sure. And, I have excellent entertainment at the barn in the form of a kid from the next town over from the Old Homestead, who knows he knows me, but can't figure out where from, or who exactly I am.

He's going slightly nuts trying to figure it out, while also doing his best to be charming and flirt, on the off chance that I leave CM to fall swooning into his waiting arms. Not gonna happen, but he's leaving it at the goof around and have fun stage, so I haven't had to offer to break his fingers for him yet.

Other than that, it's just a case of life as usual. I did replace my wallet and book bag, finally. I think a part of me was hoping that they would resurface (hey, I'm a creature of habit, I find something I like, and I stick with it) but I finally gave in when I'd gotten the replacements for the debit cards, and my drivers license, and had too much stuff to carry in my pocket again.

I also bought a purse, which I fully expect to lose, but CM smarted off the other day about how I need to carry a purse like a normal woman, and it was one of those comments that hunker down in the back of your brain and pick at you. Apparently, I can't be a tomboy forever. I don't really see why not, but CM says so and apparently my subconscious agrees with him, because when I was done picking out a new wallet (they all sucked, because none of them were my wallet) my brain was going "purse. Purse. Ah hem. PURSE!!!"

We'll see how long it takes me to lose this one and remind my subconscious of just why I don't carry a purse.