Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The hits just keep on coming...

I have got to figure out that this isn't home and just because I've become comfortable with the routine doesn't mean that the bay has.

Got kicked, today, a nice shot right to the crotch-ish area. Got a cut on top of my pelvic bone (the one in front, hell if I know what it's called) and some fabulous bruising coming up already in the crease of my right leg.

I forgot how long that sucker's legs are... from now on we ride in the round pen.

I want to beat my head on the desk, the wall, you know, whatever is handy. 'Cause frankly, I share the blame in everything that has happened to me.

But, I'll get through this stage, I've gotten through everything else life has thrown at me, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna give up on the one thing that I've done purely for myself in many years, just because I got a little banged up.

Determination is not sitting comfy on your couch and firmly resolving to do something... tomorrow. Determination is getting the crap kicked out of you and going on, because that's just what you do.

In the immortal words of T, I'll man up, rub some dirt on it, and go on.

I am, however, seriously considering naming the bay "Buck" short for "Sumbuck" because I can say that at the barn. Since we're not supposed to cuss, "you sonofa...." is out......

Update on the injuries

Well this morning I'm still sore but not quite as bad as I expected... there was some stiffness in my hip last night, and thats gone this morning, so that's good. My bruises are developing nicely, getting pretty colors and nice deep aches behind them, nothing I'm not used to.

The ribs... I think I did bruise one rib, its pretty tender... the other side, where the scrape is, has a nice surface bruise and is a little tender but not more than you would expect from the visible stuff.

No visible bruising on the side that I think I bruised the rib on, which means it's not cracked, which I already knew because it didn't hurt bad enough to be cracked, but I wouldn't be surprised if I came up with some lovely bruising on it in a couple of days.

In the mean time, till the sore goes away, its gonna be fun cleaning stalls... maybe I can bribe a classmate into doing it for me.....

And I can't even whine about it cause I basically did it to myself.... go me! :P