Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I am the queen of dumb games!

The mixer was fun, got to have free pizza and bs with folks about everything under the sun. Then we played a dumb game where we all stood in a circle and passed a balloon around by tucking it under our chins, sort of like musical chairs. If you had one of the balloons when the music stopped, you were out.

I won, I am the queen of dumb games! Woohoo!

I've got a gripe, though....

Instructor J said that the prize for winning the game was a case of beer, and all I got was a lousy t-shirt!

Then I got drawn for a door prize, as well, so I got a water bottle, a t-shirt, and free food out of the deal.

I still want my beer though!

Oh, what a typo

Yeah yeah yeah I know, lots and lots of posts today, but I was just poking through my HTM student handbook (the handbook for the program, not the school) and realized that under attire, it states that:

"Women must wear appropriated undergarments for support."

Really now, what is that supposed to mean?

I just wonder if it was an honest typo, or if some work-study student slipped it in on them.

Welcome to grownup land...

A lot of college students are very mature, capable of maintaining their grades in the changed learning environment, without anyone standing over them making them do it. Living in a dorm room, or an apartment, for the first time is a new and exciting experience for them, and they're more than up to the challenge.

But, not all of us are that way.

This morning, 8:00am class. Forty four students who should be there.

Forty showed up early.

One was late.

Three didn't even show up.

Its the *first day* people, how do you not show up to your first class on your first day?

I overheard a couple of girls in conversation about how hard it was to be out in the real world. After all, they had to walk all the way down to the cafeteria to get meals, and if the cafeteria wasn't open, all the way across campus to the bookstore, if *that* was even open!

No joke. These girls were whining because they had to leave their room to get a snack.

First off, as happy as I am to be back in school, I just can't see college as the "real world." Not the way a lot of these kids are doing it, living in the dorms, only having to worry about spending money, all that jazz.

Honey, your housing is paid for, your food is paid for, the most strenuous thing you're asked to do all day unless you're in one of the ag programs (and these girls weren't, one said she was a business major and the other was "taking art classes") is sit in a classroom and listen.

Please, stop complaining about how hard it is to get up in time for an 8:00 class, when you're at an 11:00 class still in your pajamas. You gals, and as far as I know anyone who isn't in one of the horse-related programs, get Friday, Saturday, and Sunday free. No classes. While I'll be getting up on Saturday and Sunday in time to be at a 7:30 class, that is, if I don't have feed crew at six in the morning and five at night.

That's not too much to ask, right? Just don't whine, 'cause some day, all of you are really going to be in the "real world" and you're going to realize just how cushy you had it.

These are the things that I wanted to say, but didn't.

Be proud of me, Farmmom... I can keep my mouth shut, sometimes.

A few things...

First off... YAY! First day of college is done, don't gotta worry about it no more.

Second off, I just had the shortest class in history, I think. It was one of the "lab" classes I'm taking, which is actually a "barn" class. Elementary Western Equitation. We got there, bsed with the instructor for a while, she took attendance, asked who had horses here already that wanted to ride this afternoon, and dismissed the rest of us. Total time from the "official" start of class to dismissal? Fifteen minutes.

Tomorrow we may be helping put together stalls and pens, though, so I think I'll run to Big R before the HTM/EBM mixer at the park, and get a new pair of gloves. Metal + 100* or more temps + bare hands = not fun.

And we can't wear tank tops at the barn, either.

Third off, I think I like the "surprise" EBM instructor. She's got a sense of humor and seems fairly relaxed about teaching a wide range of students all in the same class.

I'm collecting syllabuses (syllabi?) like mad, though. Gotta get some folders.

Oh, and this is not the "nice blog entry" that I was pondering, this is just thinking in type, so to speak. Still working on that other one.

Well, hmm.

Two classes done so far, and I'm pondering a nice blog entry for later tonight...

Got homework halfway done for one class and none of it is even due until next Wednesday, didn't have homework in the other class.

I think someone may have screwed up my schedule and slapped me in the wrong Lab class for my degree program, or they may have switched the class time on me. We'll see in about an hour.

I'll be going home this weekend to pick up my tack and bring it for Monday.

I love my college. While standing in the hall waiting for the previous class to be done with the room that my business class is held in, I overheard this conversation:

"You rodeo?"


"What do you do?"

"I'm a team roper, a heeler."

"What? I'm a team roper and I've never seen you at practice..."

"Huh? No, I don't rodeo for the *school* I do it on my own..."

Follow this by the Rodeo *team* member looking down his nose at the other guy and saying, "Oh, so you're just an amateur."

It was so hard not to just bust out laughing. Partly because at nearly any other college it would be basketball or football or some such. Partly because the little snot that was being so self-righteous didn't see one of the other rodeo team members behind him rolling their eyes.

First Day of Classes...

So here it is, first day of classes, got everything ready, its all good to go, and I'm off to conquer the world through higher education.

Hopefully something interesting will happen today, and I'll have a good blog for ya'll tonight.

Wish me luck!