Thursday, March 19, 2009

72hrs Plus

Haven't smoked at all since Sunday night.

Muscle soreness, mostly from tensing up when people say things that make me want to strangle them, I think, is pretty bad. Sometimes I feel like someone beat me with a baseball bat.

Sleep schedule is... non-existent. Either I'm out like a light at nine, but waking up every fifteen minutes or so, or I can't get to sleep until after eleven, and... waking up every fifteen minutes or so.

Blargh. I'm a girl who likes her sleep, and I really hate it when there's interference without good cause. Plus, lack of sleep doesn't make the cranky thing any easier.

That's getting a little bit better as it goes along... frankly I think I've done rather well, as far as not snapping at people goes. I haven't completely alienated any of my good friends, anyway, and I've manage to keep my hands to myself, so no assault charges.

Just because it's getting easier not to light up, doesn't mean it's feeling better.

Farmmom hit 24hrs without smoking last night, I dunno if she's smoked since, but major kudos to her for making it!

And Mamaw... wow. She's still holding it way under what she used to smoke. Honestly, I think maintaining at two or three puffs at a time spread out through the day would probably be harder for me than not smoking at all.

We're all getting there. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go take more advil, change my nicotine patch, and try to remember not to eat the first person who acts all cheerful.