Monday, July 30, 2007

Threatened with a Puppy

I'm being threatened with a schnauzer puppy.

One of my friends' daughter received a white schnauzer puppy for Christmas. When my friend told me how rare white schnauzers are, I mentioned that since the puppy was female and already guaranteed to be carrying the gene for the white color, she might be able to start breeding her when she reached maturity and maybe make the money she'd spent on the pup back, and a little more.

Apparently, she laughingly passed this on to her husband, who promptly went out and bought another schnauzer puppy. This one black.

So now my friend is threatening to gift me with a puppy from the first litter. I've delayed this occurrence by making a recommendation that they wait until at least the second heat to breed the little female, since she was the runt, and the male is already larger than she is, even though he's a couple of months younger.

But I think she's gonna cheat and have her daughter give the puppy to me. She knows me well enough to know that I won't refuse a gift from a seven year old, and hurt the little girl's feelings.

*Sigh* At least its not a great dane, right?