Monday, September 24, 2007


That middle easterners really think that Americans are all extremely stupid:

"We don't have homosexuals..." - President Ahmadinejad of Iran, at Columbia University, 9/24/07

That one made me spit gatorade.

I'm not usually political, I tend to steer clear of those kinds of things, because frankly I just don't want to deal with the trolls and BS that I've seen on others' blogs, but this guy pegged out my bullshit-o-meter so hard it broke the peg.

Jumping Jehosephat, I've stepped in things that smelled better than this guy's speech at the barn.

Random Early Morning Thoughts....

Jeff Dunham is freaking hilarious. His new special was on Comedy central late last night and this morning I reminded myself why I love my DVR.

Also last night, some nimwad decided it was a good idea to drive a steel spike through a piece of concrete in he hallway, at eleven oclock at night. Or something, they may have been trying to cram for their Finishing Class by shoving Miss Manners through their ear, via banging their head on my wall, I didn't check.

In all the time I've been up here I haven't used my MP3 player. I love my MP3 player. It's now loaded with a recorded show from my favorite online radio station. (These people are nuts. If you need proof just think about it... they keep me around.)

My neighbors' chihuahuas haven't barked in three days. I'm beginning to wonder if they chewed their way into the walls and died there.

I'm watching the news, and I've come to the conclusion that Columbia University had a staff meeting a few months ago, and someone said the following:

"Man, we aren't getting as many applications as we used to. It's not about how hard it is to get in anymore, kids today go to the schools they know about. We need commercials or something."

"Wait a minute, we don't want to pay for commercials, what are you thinking? What we need is free publicity. How can we get that?"

And in the back, the poli-sci professor is bouncing in his (or her, I don't freakin know) seat with his arm in the air, about to wet himself.

"I know, I know!!!!"