Monday, October 31, 2011

Egg Drop? Not So Much....

Handy hint: when making fast egg drop soup at home you can make a really tasty and totally inedible thing.

I either poured the eggs too fast, or had too much agitation. Or both. The result is a half mushy, half chewy mess, the broth of which tastes lovely.


Friday, October 21, 2011


We all take too much for granted. We never think about things or people that are always there for us. We think they will always be there.

We think that we will always have enough to eat, clothes to wear, and people we can always run to when things don’t go our way.

We think things will go on like they always have.

I have noticed a trend lately that disturbs me. Granted I am out in the middle of nowhere but our grocery shelves have more bare spots and less variety. More store brands and less name brands. Prices are going through the ceiling and what used to be staples aren’t so much anymore.

We raise cattle out here in my bit of what I call paradise. In the last year we have seen prices that we get at market increase drastically. You might think that this is a good thing for us and it is, but over all it shows that the prices at the grocery that we already think are high are going to take another increase. The increase in the prices we get at market for our cattle are directly linked to the prices on everything from steaks and hamburger to dairy products.

Last year we bought a hog from a friend of ours and had it butchered. I haven’t bought pork in the grocery in several months. I looked at the price of bacon the other day and my jaw dropped to the floor. In about 5 months the price of bacon has DOUBLED! I checked Wal-Mart when I went to the next town over yesterday and the price was less than my little local grocery but it had still increased sharply since the last time I actually bought bacon.

Prices of basically everything has gone up over the last year but these are the trends that I have seen mainly because I have not been buying beef or pork. When I checked prices yesterday I went into a bit of sticker shock. From what my friends are telling me the prices have went up slowly over the last few months and they really didn’t notice. Believe me I NOTICED.

We all know what fuel prices have done over the last few years so I really don’t need to say much on that subject except that it is running in the same trend.

Prices for medical services and insurance for medical services are frightening.

Utilities (gas and electric) are increasing and with winter coming on that will bring another cost increase, hide and watch.

Prices have gone up but wages haven’t. Unemployment is high, jobs are scarce. If someone loses their job it may take months for them to find another one. If you are an employer the regulations the government requires will eat you up. Between complying with regulations, taxes and cost of goods sold it has small business owners up against a wall too.

If this trend continues I am afraid we are going start losing those things we take for granted. We are going to have to work harder for basics and settle for less quality. And those people you have always been able to count on.? They are going to be too busy trying to survive to help you out like they used to. Their focus is going to change . When it comes to feeding your family or helping Joe fix his worn out car yet again guess what is going to win?

I don’t know what we can do to change this trend but I do know that I will be putting as much preserved goods as I can aside. I am luckier than most since I will always have something to eat since I raise my own beef and I’m not afraid of a little rabbit stew. But I do worry about the folks that live in the urban areas that don’t know how to find food unless it comes in a cellophane wrapper.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ohio Animal Extravaganza

Everyone is apparently taking sides on the whole shebang in Ohio. If you haven't heard about it, where have you been? But seriously, it's getting sort of crazy.

Here's my two cents:

1. The fact that the outside cages were all open, but there were still, apparently, monkeys and or chimps caged inside the house, doesn't add up to suicide, to me.

2. The fact that a bunch of the animals were still within 500yds of their cages when the police arrived, really doesn't add up. Seems to me if the animals were outside the cages when the gunshot went off, they'd be gone. Also seems to me that if the cage doors were opened after the big loud noise, caution about the big loud noise might keep them slinking about long enough to realize that the guy with the food had become the food.

3. As for all of the welfare checks and cruelty to animals calls... nowhere I've seen has reported any action taken on the part of law enforcement or animal control. Knowing what I know about the way those calls work... if someone calls it in, they have to investigate, which means a report has to be filed on the incident. Therefore it's entirely possible, lacking any information about specific charges and or actions taken against the owner- which, by the way, I think the media would be all over if they had any indication of it- it's entirely possible that those calls were, at best, just overenthusiastic animal lovers, and at worst, some jerkoff with a beef causing problems.

4. At least one story said that his neighbors brought him carrion and dead cattle to feed the carnivores. If the neighbors had a serious beef with this guy, they would not be helping him feed his animals.

I just think it's all sort of fishy, for various reasons. The guy wasn't a saint, I wouldn't have been happy about the size of the pens, for instance, if I was in charge, but there aren't any real indications that he was evil or cruel, either. I'd like to see more investigation done on this but local law enforcement there have already declared it suicide, so it probably won't be done.

It sucks that most of the animals were killed, but one story I read had a comment from a zoo worker who tranqed a tiger which subsequently had to be shot by deputies as it charged her, before the tranquilizers could kick in. Situations like that, yes, you get dead critters. Sucks, but frankly better a tiger than a human trying to help.

There. Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves in comments.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


There are several times during the course of my duties when I might not try as hard to be quick. If you're a dick, I'm not too worried about how fast you get your Coors Light and Cheetos. If you're really interesting, I'm distracted enough to not be as fast as I can be.

Today may have been the best, though. In my line, separated by one kind old lady, were two Vietnam Vets who were exchanging stories. Both were diabetic, one had just had half his foot removed because of an infection.

Between the first, the nice lady who helped the second get his groceries out of his motor cart, and the second, I got a good half an hour of honestly interesting conversation.

Of course, I thanked them both for their service, and watched out of the corner of my eye as they stood near the doors and kept talking for another twenty minutes.

These are the times when I actually like my job, instead of liking my paycheck.

Blogorado III

Another successful gathering of the Tribe has come and gone. Sadly we said good bye to ChristinaLMT, Scifi and Mrs Scifi this morning. Thank you so much for staying and helping with the cleanup gang!!!!!! Miss Christina makes an amazing Kitchen Bitch and Scifi is a more than tolerable Garage Bitch. Mrs Scifi (she is one tough cookie ) was stuck with doing small things due to having had surgery last week. We had to take care of our gal!
Due to events beyond my control I was not nearly as organized on the food front this year. My prep was nonexistant and therefore the meals were a bit hit and miss on timing but everyone seemed to get full so I guess it worked out ok after all.
Those in attendance were Old NFO, AEPilotjim, LawDog, Phlemmy, Ambulance Driver, Matt G., Tam, Expert Witness and Holly, ChristinaLMT, Scifi and Mrs. Scifi, Farm Girl and Spear, the Atomic Nerds, Salamander,Evil Robot and Jennifer,and if I have missed anyone let Farmgirl know and she will fix my omissions.

As Promised a pic or two of the Battle buggy in all it's glory.
Some had to take it for a drive by shooting of steel targets.

Not that they actually hit much. Our bunch needs a lot of practice to make a good gang banger.

I came up with a few targets for the ladies that I thought would be fun to shoot. The biggest problem was when we set them up and headed back to the firing line a group of 4 GUYS were headed that way to make the crockery go splodey!!!

Spear brought his Boomstick that he had made. It was a huge hit! It even got a Tam squee. If I remember right (and I won't testify that I am ..... too much going on and too darn tired ) she said something like "this is MY boomstick"

Jennifer sure seemed to enjoy it! Of course AEpilotjim's Barrett got a lot of action too!

Some of the gang went over to declare Jihad on some prairie dogs. If you look at the foreground of this pic you will see what prairie dogs and drought will do to us. three months ago there was actually grass here

Some folks got into the costume thing. (I still don't understand how that came about. ) AEPilot Jim started it I think.Evil Robot and Jennifer were great in their new custom built leather for Blogorado!

Some of the ladies were ROCKING their costumes. How can you not have fun when you have this running around your house?

Salamander and Stingray stayed with the Mad Max theme. Sal was awesome! I said he won the costume contest until I saw Lord Humongus!

Sorry. I just can't do it. Not only do I value my life but I adopted the Nerds a few years ago and some things a mother will never ever do to her son!

Thank you all for coming! It was a wonderful get together and it lifted the spirits of a very special lady. She enjoyed having all of you there.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Another Blogorado has come and gone. We had a blast, as usual, and it was just what was needed to bleed off some stress and add some smiles.

This year I had to come pretty much as a guest, since work is dumb and I didn't get a chance to go to the Old Homestead to help much. Farmmom pulled off 99.999999% of the food by herself, and OldNFO and JimJim and Farmdad got the range together, and I rolled in Friday afternoon with Darlin' Man and The Nerds to enjoy the party. So, all the kudos go to them, seriously, especially Farmmom for being awesome enough to feed that many people as well as she does every year.

Next year, though, I suggest a few people pick a night and cook and let Farmmom have a break, since I know we have some fine cooks in our bunch.

My lever action 22mag was a huge hit, which is only fair because it's awesome. It was a gift from my Darlin Man, who re barreled it for me and did a couple other minor tweaks, and did a damn fine job, frankly. It's a joy to shoot and just flat out fun to run, and accurate enough, as Phlegmmy can attest, to put a round in the white spot on a prairie dog's chest at across-the-big-pen distances in the corral. We were going hunting and happened to see some on the way in, so we stopped and popped a few.. this particular rat I had hit in the back half, thanks to failing to lead properly, he spun to face us, and just as I was getting lined up for the mercy shot she fired one off with the magnum and turned him inside out.

I'm proud of that little rifle and I'm glad everyone enjoyed shooting it... And no, it's not for sale, or trade, no matter what AD offers in addition to the Chiappa Of Suck, it's not going anywhere.

Got to shoot some really fun guns and laugh a lot, and spend time with my family... my immediate family AND my extended one.

It was good.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Finally Farmdad has posted his recipe for his BBQ rub that several have begged him for. You can get it here.