Monday, October 10, 2011


Another Blogorado has come and gone. We had a blast, as usual, and it was just what was needed to bleed off some stress and add some smiles.

This year I had to come pretty much as a guest, since work is dumb and I didn't get a chance to go to the Old Homestead to help much. Farmmom pulled off 99.999999% of the food by herself, and OldNFO and JimJim and Farmdad got the range together, and I rolled in Friday afternoon with Darlin' Man and The Nerds to enjoy the party. So, all the kudos go to them, seriously, especially Farmmom for being awesome enough to feed that many people as well as she does every year.

Next year, though, I suggest a few people pick a night and cook and let Farmmom have a break, since I know we have some fine cooks in our bunch.

My lever action 22mag was a huge hit, which is only fair because it's awesome. It was a gift from my Darlin Man, who re barreled it for me and did a couple other minor tweaks, and did a damn fine job, frankly. It's a joy to shoot and just flat out fun to run, and accurate enough, as Phlegmmy can attest, to put a round in the white spot on a prairie dog's chest at across-the-big-pen distances in the corral. We were going hunting and happened to see some on the way in, so we stopped and popped a few.. this particular rat I had hit in the back half, thanks to failing to lead properly, he spun to face us, and just as I was getting lined up for the mercy shot she fired one off with the magnum and turned him inside out.

I'm proud of that little rifle and I'm glad everyone enjoyed shooting it... And no, it's not for sale, or trade, no matter what AD offers in addition to the Chiappa Of Suck, it's not going anywhere.

Got to shoot some really fun guns and laugh a lot, and spend time with my family... my immediate family AND my extended one.

It was good.


Old NFO said...

It was and I STILL can't believe y'all were willing to do it again... :-) Maybe Kelly and I will do Cajun one night!

LabRat said...

I was considering nominating Stingray to do roast beast, but instead I will second that idea to do Cajun. I haven't had good Cajun but a handful of times outside of the few things we can cook ourselves since I left LA.

Etouffe anyone?

Jennifer said...

Mmm... Cajun. Yes.
The EvylRobot is an excellent cook and likes to do it for a crowd. I know he could be convinced to do something. He makes a damn fine alfredo.
I am generally kitchen support staff. the lumpia this weekend is the exception, not the rule.

Christina LMT said...

I don't cook worth a damn, but I make a superlative kitchen bitch.

Thank you so much for having us, we have had a fantastic time!

Farmmom said...

MMMMMM that sounds wonderful!!!! I will gracefully bow out of the kitchen for Cajun.
Christina you make an AWESOME kitchen bitch! Mamaws kitchen looked better when you were done than it looked to start with.
I loved seeing everyone again and will start looking forward to next year in a week or so LOL.
Thank you everyone for coming, I needed the change of pace.

Ambulance Driver said...

Then one night, NFO and I will do gumbo and crawfish etoufee.

phlegmfatale said...

Your 22mag was a dream to shoot- thanks so much for sharing! I often say that I'd rather have a .22 rifle with me than almost anything else, because I KNOW I could shoot the wart off a gnat's ass with one. Great time, and fabulous to see you, as ever. Please come see us as soon as you can. XOXO