Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cow? Not cow...

Etta is doing fantastic on the fake cow. Unfortunately, about the time she's really getting good at it, we're quitting it, but I guess we'll survive.

Day one, she was still kind of nervous about it. Especially when it moved. But she settled down by the time we were done.

Day two, she could have cared less about the cow moving, but she really didn't want to turn with it either.

Day three she started getting the idea that she was supposed to move with the cow, but she wasn't really sure she was supposed to do it without me telling her to.

Day four.. WOW. She was excellent, just a little leg to encourage her and she was turning with it, and stopping with it, just like a real life cutting horse. She was snappier to the left than the right, but that's ok, she still wasn't waiting on me. I'd love to get her on a real cow, but there are a lot of advanced training students, and they're using the roping steers... not enough room, steers, or time, usually. I may ask anyway, but I'm not counting on it. If nothing else I'll get Farmmom out with me when the horses go home and she can hold herd on which ever horse I'm not working.

All in all, I'm pretty danged proud of the little girl. She surprised me a couple of times Thursday and I had to grab my ass or come out of the saddle, she turned around so quick. She got atta girls for those turns.

I just wish I could keep working her on cattle, since that's what she's gonna do....