Friday, July 23, 2010

Blogging Forecast:

Light, with a chance of scattered snarky commentary.

See, I got a second job this week, so I'll be even busier than usual. I'm in training at one of the local stop'n'robs, which is not the best job in the world I'll grant, but it's still more money in the pocket which is always good. It's honest work, no more or less demeaning than digging a ditch and decidedly less sweaty if people will just remember not to turn the thermostat down too far and freeze up the AC.

I have a feeling I'm going to wind up muttering a bit about co-workers and customers, but I'll try to make it the amusing stuff rather than the old refrain of "customers suck, coworkers suck, when does my paycheck show up?"

It shouldn't be too hard, considering my second day on the job I got beaned with a 20lb bag of ice, and proceeded to tell the manager that N was trying to kill me, since he'd stacked the ice bags that had fallen on me (after the vendor had stacked them exactly where N had told him not to.) She laughed and said "You can't kill her yet.. for one we need her, and anyway, her insurance hasn't kicked in yet."

So far the company hasn't seen fit to activate any of my stuff... the online forms needed to finalize my paperwork (so that I can, you know, get paid...) have vanished and my code for the register doesn't work yet either. I also can't take any of the tests that I supposedly have to pass in order to work there because I don't seem to exist in the database that keeps track of what employees scored on the various tests (for proper handling of alcohol and tobacco sales, health department regulations, company policies with ridiculous acronyms, etc.)

In other news, we just got back from another trip up state, and on the way home, just outside the next town north, I swear I saw three cops playing rock paper scissors to decide who had to haul the creepy nutjob lookin dude who didn't appear to be wearing much more than the (clear) thin rain parka that cops in this area carry to hand out to hikers and bicyclists when there's a storm overhead.

At least, that's what it looked like to me. There's an outside chance that the two sheriff's deputies were actually shaking their fists at the State Patrol officer in a threatening manner, but it sort of looked like they were pretty much in sync so I'm guessing it was rock paper scissors.

(Yeah, I really am pretty sure the dude was naked as a jaybird under that parka. Only pretty sure because he was sitting on the side of the road, but unless he was wearing a flesh-colored unitard, he definitely didn't have a shirt on, at the very least.)