Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oh God My... Oh Hey Shiny!

So last night I opened a roll of quarters and there was a funny sort of sound when I dumped em in my drawer. When I had a moment to look, I found one that looked a little funky to the rest.

I wound up buying it out of the drawer along with a fifty cent piece (I have a standing bounty on dollar coins, fifty cent pieces, and two dollar bills with the fam) and when I got to looking just now as I transferred my pocket plunder, I realized that it's a 1942 silver quarter.

Value seems to range from a couple bucks to about forty, depending on where I quickly scan online.

One thing about this job, it gives me the opportunity to pick up oddball money here and there. I generally give the Canadian coins a pass but I've gotten an Indian coin and one that I'm not sure where it came from but the writing looks sort of oriental.

Time to be off to see what strange currency crosses my fingers tonight. Maybe I'll stumble on a coin worth a real chunk one of these days.