Thursday, May 26, 2011

Equine PSA

Sorry for the dearth of posting guys, things have been hectic without many of the entertaining moments that would create blogfodder.

However, at the moment I feel like I should do a PSA for anyone who hasn't heard about this yet:

There is a variant on EHV:1 going around, it's hit an Ogden Utah event and a few others that I know of, and it's bad folks. Instances of the neurological symptoms are high and on average horses are reportedly dying within eight hours of displaying the neuro symptoms. If you travel with your horses, if your horses aren't vaccinated against EHV:1, hit your vet up for the shot. If they've traveled in the middle of the country recently, get em tested.

Several events in my area and potential range of travel for breeders and shows have been canceled or rescheduled.

My horses will be staying quite firmly home until this outbreak dies down. Nobody here but us chickens on our place, so the chances of picking up the infection are slim to none, and not even good friends are gonna borrow pasture/pen space without an all clear from the vet.

This ain't no joke, folks.