Saturday, March 8, 2008

Good Lord

I thought I was being smart. See, there is only one washer in my apartment building. Two dryers, but just one washer.

So, I thought I'd just run down to the coin-op laundromat and do all of my laundry at once. I walked in and looked around and thought "ok, maybe just the whites."

Ran my whites through the washer (which cost me more per load but less in time because I had two loads of whites to do, I'm way behind on laundry) and when it came time to dry them...

Half of the dryers are out of order. The other half, three hispanic families are playing musical dryers trying to find the one with the most heat.

Farmmom's dad ran a coin-op laundry for many many years, and he was good at it. If he'd been in charge of this one, he'd have shut the whole damn thing down for two weeks until everything worked, built on another five hundred square feet at least, and had a buttload more seating.

That place is just crap, and it's not even that old, it was only built about five years ago.

I won't be going back, in spite of the fact that I can't do all my laundry at once here. That place was just horrid. I brought my whites back here to dry, where I could sit in the comfort of my own home instead of being crammed into a small building with too many other people, not enough seating and an overall odor of fried chicken.