Friday, September 14, 2007

Headed Home...

... for the weekend. Gotta help move cows, plus it's a couple of days off for me.

Which I think I deserve.

While I'm home I'll be picking up some cold weather gear, Farmmom's duster (which she doesn't wear anymore and volunteered to loan me... good for keeping warm and dry on horseback) and spending lots of time with my pup and my cats. I miss the little fuzzies, it still doesn't feel right not to have them with me in the apartment.

I'll also be picking up an old hair brush to use on Bubbah's tail. I've got a mane and tail comb, but a brush will do a better job faster on his tail, since he's got a bad case of pasture tail. He's got tendrils that are wound into spirals, not dreadlocks but the beginnings of them. I may also pick up some detangler, and I need to hit Big R for bands so that I can braid and band his mane, to retrain it to lay all on one side. He's got pretty good hair, there's just one place up by his head that it likes to lay over on the other side. It'll stay for a while when I comb it over, but it's not well enough trained to stay there. Braiding it and banding it will fix that problem, retraining that bit of mane to lay properly.

I'm not good enough to do a fancy french show braid all the way down his neck, and he's too much of a cow pony for it to look good on him anyway.

By the way, Farmmom, Bubbah is a priss. I stood there for thirty minutes grooming him and he danged near went to sleep. He started leaning on me where I was leaning against his hip to work on his tail, and danged near pushed me over.

So yeah, weekend, moving cows, chilling out... I still have to pack some clothes, and make sure my apartment is prepared for me to be gone for a couple of days, overwater the palm, take out the trash, lock all the windows, etc. Then I can head down there, to be ready to start hauling cattle tomorrow.

It's gonna be weird, staying in the guest bedroom. Farmmom has already started turning my old room into a computer room, not that I'd have a bed to sleep in in there anyway.