Friday, September 10, 2010


Is out of surgery, and awake in recovery. Doc says it's a good looking knee, so I figure he's proud of the work he did, and considering his reputation and the number of patients he has who absolutely adore him, I'm gonna say that means really good things.

Right now they're probably strapping her into the constant motion machine that she'll wear whenever she's in bed until she gets out of the hospital, and getting her x-rays and such.

It'll be about an hour before they put her in her (private) room and come get us to show us where it is.


Update: She's in her room, on her magic morphine button, and high as a kite in spite of the torture device... er... constant motion thingy. She's hooked up to more machines than the six million dollar man, at the moment, and is dozing off every time it gets quiet for more than a few seconds.

The only bit that squicks me out a bit is the little vacuum pump that has the tube that runs up to her knee... and it's not even that it's sucking stuff out of her knee, it's the thought that for the next eight hours or so anything they suck out of her they might just pump right back in... which medically is a good thing, but the idea of it being out for that long and then going back in squicks me for some reason.

As soon as she's good and out we'll be heading off to run a couple errands and catch a nap at the hotel. Shouldn't be long now.