Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Unfortunate Word Choice.....

So, anyone who has written anything knows the value of word choice. Hell, if you converse on a regular basis you know how some words have more impact than others.

But, I sometimes forget this.

Today, I had a bit of a spazz moment. See, Monkey's feet were supposed to get trimmed... well, sometime this last week. Stuff happened, and it didn't get done, so I poked at the guys doing the trimming until they agreed to do it today.

'Cept I got to the barn and it wasn't done. So I was a little pissy, and started looking for someone else to do it.

Then after class, the guys showed up... turns out, they'd come and started on him, and he was being a brat. So, rather than drug him, they had me hold him. He was still touchy about his back feet, but he wasn't a complete spazz.

He's such a primadonna, as long as I kept finger combing his mane he was fine.

So anyway, to the unfortunate moment. We took a break so that S could treat Diablo's leg and wrap it (plastic bags involved, which Monkeydoodle does not like) and I was talking to the kid about how bad Monkey's feet had gotten, and why I'd been bugging the crap out of him about it.

"So yeah, there was a reason I was bugging you, it wasn't just 'do me now, now now'..."


"Ok that was an unfortunate choice of words... "

Of course, I don't think I freaked him out too bad because later on while he was trimming Monkey's back feet he said "If he kicks me, you owe me dinner."

"Ok, I can do that, if he kicks you. I'd feel bad anyway."

"Me and A."

"What?? A isn't anywhere near him, he's not gonna get kicked!"

"Burger King."

"You have the worst taste in the world.... but ok, Burger King I can do."

'Course, Monkey didn't kick him, he only really tried once, and he got simultaneous smacks from me and the kid, so he decided he didn't want to do that anymore.

But his feet are trimmed. They're not entirely correct because there were chips out of two of them that changed the way he had to trim them, and I'll keep an eye on him in the pasture to make sure he's wearing right, and if they're uneven in a few weeks I'll have him done again.

But I don't know if I'll ever live down that one unfortunate comment.....