Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Men In Black Suits On Strike

We regret to inform you that Men in Black Suits has gone on strike.

Unfortunately my main characters flat out quit when they found out that I planned to have a pair of possessed pantaloons catheterize them.

They're now cowering in a corner of my psyche and won't speak to me.

I've been trying to get a therapist in to talk to them but none of them will even consider it without hazard pay since the last one wound up attempting to murder a toaster with a spork after the first session....


So, I had my Horse production final today. Test went well, it wasn't hard, and as usual there was a couple of questions that make me snicker (Including the one that, at the beginning of the test, we were told to write the answer in on the multiple choice question, because Marilyn's typist, who happened to be JJ, managed to not include the correct answer) I finished up and took it to the bottom of the lecture hall, skipped back up the stairs....

And Klutzed. I should know better than to hurry up stairs by now.

Tripped myself beautifully, and caught the exact corner of one of the stairs right on the middle of my kneecap.

The bruise developed fast enough that I've spent the last hour or so manipulating both kneecaps.

It'd be just my luck to fracture the damn thing and have it be one of my major injuries that just doesn't hurt that bad.

Luckily, I don't think it's damaged beyond the bruise. It's just a really impressive bruise.

I was due for a Klutz anyway, and this isn't as bad as it could have been. Last year I fell while climbing over a set of sweeps and banged myself up bad enough I couldn't walk upright for a week. Then there was the time I whacked my head while putting together Mamaw's solid oak roll-top computer desk, and nearly knocked myself out.

Sometimes I think I should walk around in a padded suit.