Friday, July 8, 2011

Rumors of My Death

Are greatly exaggerated. Mostly I've been doing the job hunt thing and spending time with DM.

On the job front, looks like I've got it nailed down, barring any goofy surprises with the background check. Went in for an official Job Offer meeting thingy today, did the pee-in-cup thing, and thanks to modern technology the results were in in ten minutes. Evil corporate giant offered me a thirty cent starting wage boost because of my experience in customer relations, and 8.50 an hour is nothing to sneeze at in this area.

So yeah hopefully some time next week I'll go do the orientation thing and get to work. I'm ready, and it's time.

Otherwise I've just been helping DM out as much as I can and trying not to lose my damn mind over having no steady income, which may or may not have been going as well as I think it has. You'd have to ask DM about that one.

I'm puttering along on the next chapter of Jane, my concentration isn't exactly helped by the herd of children in the apartment above DM's that seem to think that the more noise they make the better. I swear today somebody judo-flipped the couch up there.

Now, it's time to put something together for dinner. The rain today means it's not insanely hot, so I can actually cook. Mmmm food.