Sunday, February 19, 2023


 I haven’t told anyone that I’m blogging again. I wanted to get a few posts on the hook before I did and then my nature kicked in and I thought… how long will it take for someone to notice? Specifically how long will it take for those who have been nagging me to notice?

So… I’m not saying anything for at least a month. As an experiment. Also because when I got accepted into Cedar’s anthology the local newspaper found out and I had a minor burnt out gifted kid meltdown. (My brain went “SKREEEEEE NOOO PEOPLE WILL BE *EXPECTING THINGS*” and I hyperventilated a bit at work… I had been accusing my mother of talking to locals about it for a couple of weeks and she swore that she hadn’t… and then one of our land renters told her “OH! I saved the newspaper for you, I thought you’d want it!”) 

And a little bit the fact that I now get to discuss my writing while I’m observing people peeing into cups at work… that’s super fun. 

Bright side on that last bit the person who did that made a huge deal out of how proud everyone was of me, yadda yadda… and then demonstrated that not only did she not read the book she also didn’t read the article, because she asked me how long it took me to write the book.

So… mostly for science. A little because I still kinda want to just pull my hole in after me. But mostly for science. 


 Memory is an odd thing. I was reading back through some old posts to see what I might want to write about, and came across the last time I was dealing with chicks. 

In that post I talked about the brooder house and a repair that I claimed was the most expensive just fix it with what we have fix I'd been responsible for starting. 

I don't even remember what that repair was. 

What I do remember is Farmdad hitting the top of his head on the lintel of the door, hard. I remember him saying he had a headache for a few days, and then finally admitting that maybe he should see someone, because he couldn't see anything out of one of his eyes. 

Acute angle trauma induced glaucoma. A sudden increase in inter-ocular pressure to the point of permanent damage. 

He didn't go blind. He did have to get holes lasered into his irises to reduce the pressure, and put up with a lot of eye drops. He did have a pupil that did not want to contract after they dilated him for an exam... it took almost a year for it to close up, and he refused to be dilated after that at all. He got through it, and got most of his vision back, and we moved on. My dreams of finding him the perfect eye patch were dashed, but I got giggles out of his reactions to some of the more outlandish ones I found. Oddly enough, there doesn’t seem to be much in between utilitarian black and utterly ridiculous in the realm of eye patches, at least for adults. 

But I don't remember what that repair was. 

Now it's gonna bug me.