Thursday, February 12, 2009


Been sick the last few days with some kind of bug, but I think I'm finally getting over it.

Tomorrow, I have to go out and get a couple of the horses penned so that I can load them Saturday morning and take em up to D, who is going through horses to ride at the sale barn just about as fast as he can borrow them.. I'm taking him Legs and Red, because they need the work.

I also have to unload stuff from the trailer so that I have something to haul them IN.

Saturday, take the ponies to D, and then on up to another sale barn to see if I can't pick up a goat.

Yes, I said a goat.

See, if you've got a (one, singular) billy goat with your cattle, the goat will chase off coyotes.

Llamas will do the same thing, but I just don't want to deal with one of those nasty suckers.... much more work than a goat. Not to mention they're flat out mean and they bite and spit.

So, I need to go to the auction and see if I can get a big ugly billy goat.

That is, if I can come up with a pickup that will pull the trailer and two horses that far, and back with the goat. Farmmom's truck is having some serious issues, and I really don't want to be crawling under the hood with duct tape every ten minutes.

Nope, not joking. Kinda wish I was.....