Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blog Talk Interview

A couple of people posted comments asking for a reminder on some of the details for the interview so I'm going to reiterate.

The interview is tonight, at 12:00 midnight CDT. This is the link to the show's page where you can listen in. The call in number is on that page, and if you can't, or don't want to call in, you can email Mark at txfellowship (at) yahoo (dot) com or instant message him on Yahoo Messenger at the ID: txfellowship.

So, folks, there's the info. As far as what questions are ok to ask... well, if you ask something that I don't feel comfortable answering, that's what I'll say. I can't really think of what other people would want to ask me, so I don't know. You'll just have to ask and see.

Nerves. They Suck.

I stayed up late last night in an attempt to slightly alter my sleep schedule, but I didn't make it much past ten thirty. Yeesh I feel old sometimes. Then I actually slept in until my revised alarm went off at eight, go me!

Still feel like I should be in bed, but I'll pop my vitamins here in a bit and feel better.

Anyway, I woke up and shut my alarm off, and rolled onto my back in bed, wondering why I reset my alarm and why I felt so tired, then I remembered.... the interview.

Nerves nerves nerves nerves!

One good thing, I have two classes today to distract me from focusing on how badly I'm going to tank it.

I can't help it, people. I'm following in the footsteps of blog giants like AD (who, by the way has reached his 200,000 visit in ten months that he's been blogging, cripes I'm jealous, I'm still pushing for 10,000 at four months) and LawDog and MattG and Babs. All of whom I read religiously in an attempt to better my own writing. And because they freaking RAWK.

So the fact that I've been asked to do an interview is a big thing for me. It's a definite honor, and I know I'm going to sound like a total dweeb. And probably, if asked about any of the above, an utter fangirl.

But that at least gives ya'll who listen a little entertainment, and that's kind of what I'm here for, so I guess it's all good.