Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blogroll Update

I have been inexcusably lax in updating my blogroll.

Sat down and fed in the ones off the top of my head, in no particular order:

The Atomic Nerds because LabRat and Stingray just rawk, and because they're so much smarter than me!

The Gunblogger Conspiracy because hilarious tidbits are always being tossed up on the blog, and because more people need to learn the joys of snarking at a movie.

Snarky Bytes because Alan is a whiner, and is always complaining that no one reads his blog.*

The Breda Fallacy because Breda is the coolest librarian I know, and does wondrous things with pork products. I love her recipes!

The Unforgiving Minute because TD may not post much, but he's entertaining when he does, and for all you guys he's got lots of pictures of gorgeous women in his archives.

Anyone else that I may have missed on this round, there will be another one soon.

*Alan doesn't really whine all that much, just when someone like Breda comes in with a thousand hits a day, and frankly I feel a little inadequate then too. Really, go check him out if you don't already read him.