Thursday, May 20, 2010

Holy Crap!

Today Farmmom and I went to the Redneck Walmart (tack, feed, tires, clothing, toys, tools, fencing supplies and every spring, baby ducks, chicks, and turkeys, so yes it IS more redneck than Walmart) to get some panels.

See, I've got a little filly coming in to get saddle broke tomorrow, and discovered that I was a wee bit short of panels for a round pen. The place here didn't have any, but I called Redneck Walmart for a price quote and was quoted a hell of a deal. I jumped on it, figuring it was some off-brand that was on sale, we hooked on to the trailer and away we went.

Only to discover once we had paid that what they thought I had purchased and what I thought I had purchased were two different things. I had called asking about horse panels... in my lexicon, lightweight fencing panels that would hook together. In their lexicon, apparently, it meant something that I have always called "pig panels"... panels of four gauge wire laid out in a four inch square grid.

The guy who came to help us load looked at me and smirked when I told him that wasn't what I wanted, said "I didn't think so, and I tried to tell her. Oh well not my problem. Pull over there and we'll get you loaded up."

So he loaded me three name brand sixteen foot long panels. This particular name brand is quite expensive... for good reason of course, its some of the best ranching equipment out there.

The price I paid for each five foot tall by sixteen foot long panel was $59.99

The manufacturer's recommended price is $188.99

No, I did not make any salacious offers, nor did I reveal any inappropriate portions of my anatomy. Hell, I didn't even wink at the guy. I did say thank you and get the hell out of there before he got caught, though....