Monday, November 15, 2010

Company Policy

I've had a couple questions lately about this via email, so I'll clear a couple things up real quick.

I work at a chain convenience store on a major North-South highway. I work nights. Alone. I'm 5'7 and about a hundred pounds of well-packed attitude.

But attitude won't save me if someone decides to rob the store. Attitude will do nothing to deter a large man if he decides he's going to put his hands on me. Attitude won't save my life if someone decides to kill me.

But company policy clearly states that I'm not allowed to carry a weapon. Never mind that I've been approved for a permit to carry a concealed weapon, and can carry my gun anywhere else, my company tells me I'm not allowed.

If the store is robbed while I'm there, I'm to hand over the cash in the register and press the panic button. A panic button that has to be held down for three seconds to send a signal to law enforcement, who may then have to come from the other side of the county.

I'm fine with handing over the cash. They want it, they can have it.

I am not fine with the possibility that I will not be able to hold that button for a full three seconds (three seconds is a LONG time to do something when the excrement hits the rotating blades) if the guy across the counter decides he's going to take a little rape with his quick cash.

I am not fine with the possibility that a robber will become angry when I have a low amount of cash in my drawer and am unable to get him more money from the safe, and decide to take his anger out on me. Or that he may think I know some kind of magic code to open the safe, or make it spit out money more often than once every two minutes.

I am not fine with the idea of being beaten, shot, stabbed, raped, or otherwise assaulted because my company doesn't think I'm smart enough to safely carry a gun while I'm working for them.

I will abide by any company policy that does not directly impair my ability to provide for my own personal safety, in a manner guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

The Second Amendment trumps company policy. So does my life, and my safety. Period.