Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's Amazing!

How much difference a good night's sleep will make.

I took the patch off yesterday afternoon because I'm tired of the way it screws with my sleep. Either I can't get to sleep or I wake up six or seven times a night from messed up dreams.

Slept pretty good last night, woke up once when the train was going through and Farmdog just had to sing to it at the top of her little puppy lungs... but I slept.

And, I'm not too spastic about the nicotine being gone so far this morning. Put it this way, I'm doing better with not having that mood leveler from the patch, and instead having gotten an actual night's sleep.

We'll see, throughout the day. I may decide I need to go back on the patch... I may decide I need to go ahead and step it down.

In reports on the rest of the fam, Farmmom has made seventy two hours plus, go her! And Mamaw has hit the twelve hour mark, yay!

We're all made of win and awesome!