Saturday, November 3, 2007

The magic of Auntie Farmgirl

"Anything you don't want going in his mouth, you'd better put out of his reach before I put him down. He's gotten really bad about putting things in his mouth lately."

My sister in law and my brother were at the apartment dropping off my nephews for me to watch while they did some blisfully grabby-hands free, and "mommy can I have?" free grocery shopping. My sister in law was speaking of my youngest nephew, at one year old, who is just getting the hang of this whole walking thing.

"No worries, I'll keep an eye on him."

She gave me a mocking glance, and they took off for the car, cackling with glee all the way. (Don't bother lying about it the walls are thin, I could hear you!)

So, I turned on Balto for the oldest, and handed the rugrat my keys to play with. Auntie Farmgirl has much experience with kids that age, and I knew that the keys would keep him entertained for a good five minutes.

Of course, he's at the age where he has to look at everything, and pick it up, and inevitably, put it in his mouth. He's teething, and he's just started to walk good, that's the way it works.

The magic comes in when he started pushing buttons on the dvd player.


He studiously ignored me.

"Rugrat, look at me baby."

He looked, giving that chubby cheeked "I know I'm doing something I shouldn't but I'm cute so you should let me anyway" grin.

"No no, Rugrat. Don't touch." I patted his little hands and shook my head.

He pulled his hands back and held them to his mouth, giving me a "you awful abusive woman!" look.

"Oh bull puckey, you're fine, go play with your truck."

And Rugrat giggled and toddled off to find something else to get into.

But he didn't push buttons on the dvd player again the whole time he was here.

It's magic! Heh.