Saturday, November 7, 2009


Well, yesterday we had a fantastic day, riding horses and enjoying the countryside.

Breda did GREAT in spite of being thrown the horse that decided to be stubborn... as a reward tomorrow she gets to ride Rebel who will give her a much more enjoyable ride.

Christina and GayCynic enjoyed themselves thoroughly, if they're to be believed (and I do believe them)

LabRat and Stingray got in on the horseback action as well, with Stingray demonstrating what I'm told his is favorite part of being on anything.... the go-fast.

Even if he didn't quite have the brakes all figured out yet.

Today we shot all afternoon (ok, I shot my camera and watched munchkins, but I was still grinning ear to ear) and tonight: Chicken Fried Steaks. Om Nom.

Also, Christina will be giving Farmmom her massage, and then myself. Because she rocks like that.

AEPilotJim is getting plenty of pictures of peoples butts, and will undoubtedly post them as he has time. He'd have posted some from the range I'm sure but early on in the play he discovered that his iPhone had no service....

The wail could apparently be heard for miles.

All for now, must go help with dinner and then get some of that dinner in me.