Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of Classes

Over and done with.

Two classes with Marilyn, one with the droning snorefest from my Ag Financing class last semester.

Should have known he'd be in charge of the Computerized Farm Records class. Ah well. I also have to have a three ring binder and a thumb drive for his class.

Tomorrow, I have Career Math at eleven (with Mr Droning Snorefest himself, again) and Intro to PC Applications at five thirty.

Nothing extremely entertaining to report, I haven't met any of the freshmen yet, so I don't know what they're like... Maybe I'll be able to report on some of them after tomorrow.

Sparky has returned, after a summer of no love, since he didn't have a phone or access to a computer that could go on Myspace all summer. He's right back in the swing of things, living over a bar and already riding C's new horse, who by all accounts, is just a bit evil. She wants me to ride Lakota (the horse) too, but since C has been building this horse up as a big bucker ever since she got dumped, I told her it would have to wait until I got my saddle up here. I don't like her saddle, it's all smooth leather including the seat, and it feels like riding a greased pig if anything goes the slightest bit rodeo.

We still don't have an indoor arena. You know, the brand spanking new fancy shiney expanded indoor arena barn and classrooms that they promised we'd have by the time fall semester started last year? Yeah, they tore out all of the panels in the arena, and the wall between the arena and the old stall area, and the outside wall on that side, dug a bunch of trenches for their new foundation, all in a week and a half or so at the tail end of last semester, and then.... stopped.

I've been watching all summer and it got to a certain point and then, everyone vanished. No workers, no new materials, nada.

Turns out, they ordered the wrong steel to start with, and the steel that they needed only started arriving yesterday.

So, no indoor this semester, which is going to suck when the weather gets bad. They've ordered a cover-all (I'm thinking that it's going to be what I like to call a condom building, a cover of some kind of flexible material stretched over a series of pole supports so that it has the texture of a giant "her pleasure" condom) for the stalls for the colts, and are waiting for it to arrive before getting the "school" horses in and starting riding classes. All reports say that the school horses will arrive the second. That's right, the second of next month. I may have to take C up on her offer of riding the evil mare (the more the merrier, this horse has serious respect issues, and the more she is reminded that that poo don't levitate around here the better) just to keep my sanity.

I'll be bringing Sparky with me this weekend, Farmmom, so you can beat him yourself for not staying in contact. And, I'll be bringing JB (the one that worked out at the Blue Rose all summer) to look at miss Legs and see if he wants to take her for the semester. I think she'd teach him a thing or two.

Speaking of the horses, the college has instituted a flu shot policy. Either you hand over a vet certificate saying that your horse had it's flu shot, or you administer a flu shot yourself to your horse with an instructor present, or they're just gonna go ahead and give the damn flu shot and make you pay for it. They're tired of dealing with the influenza sweeping the barn.

Looks like it's gonna be an interesting semester.