Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Been sick the last couple of days, and though I'm feeling better now, I don't think I'm quite up to running a marathon yet.

Sunday was both a good day and a bad day. Why, you ask? Well, I'll tell you why.

I got to ride for a few hours and help move the cattle to the other big pasture, where they'll winter, laugh at Rebel for his antics in trying to avoid the llama that we're pasturing for a friend of the family, and I roped a calf, for the very first time!

Well, I sort of roped him. See, he was only about a day old, and his momma had bedded him down in some soap weeds, so he was pretty well hidden. When we moved everyone else, she didn't pick him up on the way by, so we had to go looking.

I rode Rebel all over and finally spotted the little bugger. Since he wouldn't let Farmdad close enough to get a rope on him, I followed along behind him with rebel, until he decided he'd had enough, turned around, and charged.

Gotta love a calf with spunk, and great self-defense instincts.

Rebel eased his way past without getting head butted by the little guy, and I was laughing too hard to get the rope on him, so we swung back around for another shot. The little guy obliged by making another run, and I hung the loop down in front of him. He walked right into it, and he was caught.

Guess I can't say that I can't even catch a cold with a rope anymore.

As for why it was bad, well, I was sick that morning too. Rebel was remarkably patient with me hanging over the side of the saddle and wondering if I was going to heave.