Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Moving Again

I've been looking for a new place, since my lease was coming up on it's end. Actually it ended the first, but yeah.

I couldn't find anything, there were no one bedrooms or even two bedrooms in town.

Well, circumstances looked like they might conspire to hand me a two bedroom duplex with a little yard for two hundred a month plus utilities, but that fell through.

That is, until B (who lives there now, but is looking for a house to buy with her fiance) got fed up with her roommate. Well, Roommate didn't want to pay her part of the bills, so it's understandable.

So, B kicks Roommate out and calls me, knowing that I've been pulling my hair out about finding a new place, and had finally thrown up my hands, about half grateful to have the apartment at all.

"Give your notice and start packing."

See, I'm pretty sure I can handle having a roommate, knowing its a short term thing. And who knows, I might just like it. Regardless, that place is going to wind up being more space for about the same money as this one, without a roommate. And I can finally bring my pup up.

Now I just have to pack, and decide if being moved before classes start is worth basically giving them two weeks of my rent money here for nothing.

Oh, and basically move two households, since B and I talked about it and agreed that since she's going to be moving out anyway and has access to free storage through her fiance's family, we're going to use my stuff in the house and put hers in storage. So we'll be moving her stuff out and then my stuff in. Another thing in the "pro" column for moving before classes are over.

It's gonna be a busy month....