Monday, November 29, 2010

Dreaming of Socks

A chance comment sent me on a search for thigh high socks the other day, and I stumbled across the absolute best site for delightfully oddball socks.

They've got everything. Thigh highs, knee highs, over-the-knee, off beat socks (who doesn't want a pair of knee high socks with faux zippers??) half-socks, toe socks, footies, they've got 'em all.

I'm talking about Sock Dreams.

Of course I ordered a few things. I'm just off beat enough to adore the idea of striped thigh high socks. Plus, all my regular readers know that I am a sucker for warm things, and they looked toasty.

The Ribbed M Stockings are my top pick so far. They're toasty warm and soft and stretchy enough to feel decadent, but snug enough at the tops to stay up on my skinny legs. Plus, they're looong, which is fantastic since I have freakishly long legs, even if they are skinny and toothpick like.

For those of you who are more practical, they also have a selection of sock garters (and you have no idea how hard I looked for those things when someone suggested them to me on this blog ages ago in the comments on the bad calves day post) for very affordable prices.

As for the customer service... well, I did my ordering when I was half asleep. I managed to not only forget a pair of socks that I wanted but to order the wrong size, which would have been disastrous as I don't know anyone I could give black and purple striped thigh high socks to for Christmas.

But, the next morning, they not only shoved the late order in with my other purchases, saving me shipping costs, but fixed the size for me.

They have a real person manning their order email, as well, and from my limited contact with her she seems like a lovely lady (Hi Jess!) which at the least means the people running the company have the sense to put good people in contact with customers, and at best gives me the impression that everyone there is enjoying themselves and loving the job.

All in all, if you are, or know someone who likes offbeat, funky socks, I highly recommend you check out this site. And ladies? I'm informed that the appeal of thigh highs isn't reduced if they're warm comfy socks instead of sheer stockings, so you could always kill two birds with one stone and be sexy and warm.

Mostly warm. Winter in Colorado deserves thick, luxurious, thigh high socks, don't you think?

FCC disclaimer: Sock Dreams didn't do anything to get me to write about their site but be awesome, although if they would like to set up a deal for me to review lovely warm socks this winter, they have my email. Hint, Hint!