Tuesday, November 17, 2009

General Update

Well, Farmmom's recipes seem to be a hit! The poll is hopping, and so far, Chicken Fried Steak is in the lead.

Donations for Jane are going well, thank you guys so much. Chapter six is nearly ready to go and will be available in a week. Thank you cards for last week's donations will go out today, rather than yesterday like I had said, because I didn't get home in time to get them sent off yesterday. Sorry!

The hunt for a pickup has begun, and will continue. My favorite used car guy is looking for me, and I'll know what he was able to find probably Friday, after his trip to Denver.

A pickup is a nice chunk of change (for a new-ish used pickup with the things I need to make it a viable work truck such as four wheel drive and a tow package, I'm looking at a range of ten to fifteen grand,) and I'll be batting my eyelashes and looking cute at loan officers around the start of next week.

That's probably around the same time frame that I'll be making a come-back in the waitress arena. There is a construction project going here right now that would pay better, but there are two problems with that plan:

First, it's not the company that I spent my entire road work "career" with, so I'd be low man on the totem pole again, which means stuck on an end in freezing cold weather with bad knees... worse than waiting tables, at least then I'm moving around. And inside. Brr.

Second, I refuse to work for idiots on the road, and from what I've seen, the supervisor on this job is just a short step up from a fencepost in IQ.

I've always said that any honest job is a good job, and I'll do anything up to and including digging ditches if that's what it takes. Which doesn't mean digging ditches or standing on the side of the road when it's freezing out is my first choice.

Things will work out, I'll get my pickup, and all will be well. I'm sure of it.