Monday, March 3, 2008


Monkey was a dream today, and that isn't appended with "for him, anyway."

We even got praise from Marilyn that didn't end with "for him."

Class was full on counter bends and a few other things today, and Monkey was light, he listened to my leg, he did what I asked when I asked, we didn't have any run aways.... I was so proud!!!

The only issue we had was when we came around by the gate of the indoor arena and they were stacking hay. Apparently, bales of hay are not supposed to fly through the air, and when they do, it's a sign of the apocalypse.

I can't really fault him for that, though. After all, the flying hay bales surprised me a bit as well. Not nearly as much as the instantaneous matter transfer we went through when he saw it, but it did surprise me.

My baby boy is growing up!! *sniffle*

He's even making good progress on learning to work on the lunge line. We've been working on that on Fridays in the round pen, and he's figuring out what I want, and giving it to me. A few more weeks and we can start working outside the round pen, and then when he goes home, we'll be able to work off his young excited lazing around the pasture most of the time energy, before we get on him. Which will be good for Farmmom, she's not as entertained by the battles as I am.

Unless she's watching me get my ass canned. Then she's highly entertained.

I've got my fingers crossed that Monkey continues to behave, so that I can enjoy it for the rest of the semester, because it looks like next semester I'm going to have the filly, and she's looking to promise some interesting battles of her own.


I'm posting to you now from a neighbor's wireless connection. Which one, I don't know. But my internet has screwed the pooch.

Everything else works, just the net is dead.

I power cycled my wireless router, that's not the problem, and obviously the problem is not in the computer because I can connect to another network fine. I just can't connect to my own.

I would power cycle the cable modem except for one small problem. The fucker has a battery back up, in case of power outage.

And there is no power switch.

So, later today I'll be calling the cable company and seeing what kind of runaround they want to give me today.

*Edit*: Aaaand we're back. No clue what the deal was, but it's working now.