Monday, November 30, 2009

Sic 'Em

Edit: Larry has contacted the smarmy little... er... the owner of the company and has apparently worked out something he considers equitable. I still think the dude should die the death of a thousand papercuts but it's not my place to say.

Turns out that we dedicated fans aren't the only ones who think that Larry Correia had a great idea when he wrote Monster Hunter International.

I know most of you are fans of the book and eagerly awaiting the sequel, which Larry reports has been purchased and is on the way. Those who don't know the book ought to be equally offended by what I'm about to report.

Seems that some dim bulb over at Two Hour Wargames (his name happens to be Ed Teixeira and I'll give the rest of Jane free to the first person who digs up his personal email address for me kthx) had the exact same idea as Larry. This year. With a few ever-so-minor changes of course.

File off the serial numbers and make it your own, apparently.

For the record, if you're not intrinsically offended by the fact that some dipwad took a published, bestselling idea that the author put his blood sweat and tears (figurative or literal, writing can be a tough game) into, worked his butt off to get published, and is still working his butt off to promote and continue, and tried to sell it as his own for a profit without permission or even consultation, you can get the hell off my blog.

Shit like this is illegal, immoral, and just plain-ass lazy. So go my minions (Yes I'm talking to you JimJim) and write nasty emails, blogs, throw eggs, dig up dirt, make em look like crap. Because that's what they are.

Larry's post on it is here

The company's website is here and no I haven't really taken the time to dig through it yet, but I will. Oh believe me I will.

Larry links to the yahoo discussion group so I'll let ya'll read his post to pick that one up.

Shall we show them what a bunch of pissed off, highly literate and highly loyal people can do when they get riled?