Monday, August 27, 2007


Red done went and got hisself expelled.

Had some of the HTM students test riding the EBM horses today. Red's turn came up, and he let them saddle him, played nice nice... till the kid swung a leg over the saddle.

Then he started stripping the boy. No really.

Little shit started bucking as soon as the kid's butt hit the saddle.

Hat went... belt buckle went.... shirt came untucked and unbuttoned, hooked on the horn and ripped. The belt buckle was found lying in the dirt of the arena....

I owe that kid either a new shirt or a twelve pack, his choice.

And Red? He's going home. The instructor sat there staring, slack jawed, for a minute, then looked at me and said "I can't put any of these kids on him!"

Once I stopped laughing at the little sucker's sneak attack, I agreed with her. So, Red will be going home tomorrow evening at the latest, and I get to ride the attitude out of him all by my lonesome, when I have time.

*Hangs head* I swear, he's never been that bad with me!

(Author's note: If the horse had to strip down one of the kids doing the test riding... at least he picked a good one.)