Sunday, February 1, 2009


Ok, humor me for a moment and close your eyes. Imagine a gathering of the most intelligent, entertaining people you've ever heard of, all in one place.

That's where I was yesterday.

I'm vaguely embarrassed to say that I didn't get a chance to really talk to everyone there, people were cycling through all afternoon and some of 'em, it seemed we were just circling each other around the party all afternoon.

I did, however, get a great opportunity to just sit around and listen to some of the most amazing war stories (some of them literal) and joke around with folks.

Right now I'm just gonna mention a few of the many, many people I got to meet yesterday, I'll try to get up links and snippets about everyone else, but I'm short on time at the moment... we have orders to meet folks for a shoot. A very, very big man looked me right in the eye and said "Ten thirty. Braums. Be there."

........ I don't intend to disappoint the nice giant*...

Phlegmmy is a gorgeous woman, with a grace and poise that just has to be the southern thing. I know I ain't got it, but she does in spades.

Bayou Renaissance Man is quiet spoken, and has that wonderful South African accent; I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with him.

Holly and JPG are fabulous people, and I'm so glad I got to meet them both in person.

OldNFO is an inveterate smartass. Gotta love it!

AEpilot Jim is... oddly attached to bacon. No, really. I think if you wrapped a cyanide pill in a strip of bacon, he'd probably plan his own funeral before he pounced on it...

MattG is... well, he's Ginormous. He's also very gracious, if only slightly put upon, when I requested a picture of my tiny hand next to one of his meathooks.

I was lucky enough to get to meet LawDog and even though I knew what his voice sounded like from his call in to my Blog Talk Radio interview, it was still a bit of a shock... for some reason in my head he's always got just a bit of a gravelly growl in his voice.

He said he liked my blog.... *buffs nails*.... On the way out the door he said "Love your blog, keep doing it."

"Thanks, I plan to keep going... I love your blog too!"

"Mine's ok... just don't you stop writing..."

I did manage to keep from squeeing like a little fan girl, which means I'm ahead of AEPilot Jim by just a little bit.

Everyone laid out their bring-along toys, which sat on Phlegmmy's kitchen counter (AD will post pics) for everyone to fondle. I got a little bit of crap over the new toy being re-blued, but since it was a gift everyone cut me a little slack.

Somehow, I think there's something wrong with the world when the biggest guy in the room picks up a gun, hefts it a moment, and proceeds to complain about how heavy the gun carried by the smallest girl there is.

It just seems...wrong.

*Sorry, Matt. I couldn't resist. We just don't grow em like you back home!