Saturday, March 2, 2013

I'm A Sucker

 I was headed out to the farm today and nearly hit a dog. It just stood there and looked at me, then jumped out of the way of the semi that was behind me.

She didn't run off, and when the semi stopped too, she headed back toward it. The driver got out and was talking to her as I made it back to where she was. Again, she didn't run off, but she didn't really appear to want to come close either.

He got a couple of snack pastries and started feeding her bits of them. When she calmed down enough to take a few bites from his hand, I hopped in my car and ran back to town to grab some supplies...

A kennel, some dry dog food, a can of wet dog food, and a bowl.

By the time I got back she'd found herself a den:

It took some work to lure her out, she'd filled up on pastries and didn't want to come out even for the smell of dog food. She growled a lot, a low kind of "I'm not comfortable with this" kind of noise, not a sound that says "I'm going to bite you" or "look at how vicious I am."

Eventually got her in the kennel (before which she'd let me pet her hip as she had her front half in the kennel with me sitting right beside the opening, because I'd put the paper plate with the water on it further in the back) and shut the door. She turned around, saw the closed door, whimpered, nudged it with her nose, then gave me this look:

So yes, I am a sucker. She's terrified, not socialized, starved and thirsty, but she's not *mean.* 

I'll find her a home where she'll get good meals and love. But I couldn't just leave her to be hit or starve. She's still got her puppy teeth, fer gawd's sake.