Sunday, February 15, 2009


I've been doing some more writing lately, working on Jane. I've got another two chapters just banged out, and I'm going to get as much done in the rough so to speak as I can stand to do before I go back and polish them up for posting.

What ya'll are getting of Jane on here is still what I consider "rough"... changes will be made down the line. There are some things that I still need to go back and fill in, but the bones of the story are there, and readable.

Once I get the skeleton finished, so to speak, I'll go back and polish the whole thing to a high shine before I start shopping publishers... And I may do a couple more chapters and leave ya'll hanging, just because I don't want to wind up hearing "well it's good, but it's all already on your blog."

I haven't decided yet, but at least now you folks know I'm still working on it, and I may even have some writer style input on it soon, which will be immensely helpful.