Friday, November 6, 2009


Well, last night went well, as people rolled into town. First was AEPilotjim and OldNFO (and I'll come back and add links later when I have more leisure time, I swear guys) who were drafted into service but were paid well for their work carving up the BBQ by snitching some. Then it was myself, returning from the big city with Snarky in tow. We didn't get drafted but we did get food.

After that, Alan, Breda, and The Nerds showed up in all their splendor. Of course the arrival of The Nerds occasioned the unloading of a lot of beer into the garage... some of it may even be left tonight when we get back from the day's activities.

Then Christina and her guest showed up (I'm not sure if Sooper Secret Guest is still supposed to be a secret or not, so I won't let the cat out of the bag.)

Breda got her swag bag from Jim, everyone had a bit of nosh and beer, and there was much to do about iPhone. And a lot of laughter.

I'm about to go start loading gear for the day's activities, so that all will be ready before folks start showing up. Then it's off to be embarrassed as Breda peruses our pitiful excuse for a library. More later!