Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes....

That's what aches. Ok I'm exaggerating again.

Class went good today, we rode and Monkey did good, everything was kosher... about thirty minutes before the scheduled end of class Marilyn told us to lope them around some.

We were having fun, the only problem was Monkey was wanting to dive in on the right hand turns, so as we were coming around the end of the arena I was lifting my inside rein, to pick up his shoulder, and his head dropped and he broke in two on me.


I was not expecting that, there were no signs, nothing, just all of a sudden he dropped his head and I was airborne over his shoulder. I rolled about three times and came up on my knees going "well, that sucked."

That one is literal.

I thumped my head once, tweaked my back a little, and my right shoulder, nothing major. I just don't know why he did it.

It's probably something as simple as he wasn't ridden yesterday, and one of the other horses got too close to his butt for his liking, but we're going to do some work tomorrow.

In other news, I don't have feed crew for a while and I don't have class till eleven tomorrow. My puppy butt is sleeping in, in my nice bed with my nice electric blanket to heat out all the aches.

I'm afraid to take off my boots...

Because my toes might be black with frostbite. I've been at the barn for two solid hours, and when I left the house this morning it was four below, with a windchill of eleven below.

But we judged horses today for eval.

Everyone kept saying "ugly" on this one horse who really wasn't ugly, he was just rough. So Marilyn had me bring out Red.

JJ ordered everyone to find one good thing about Red, conformation wise. Marilyn said he had withers. JJ said he had a tail, and could get rid of the flies. No one else could come up with anything. I just started laughing at the expressions on people's faces.

JJ asked me what he had in him, I told him I had no clue, I bought him at an auction because of his personality on the ground, and he turned out to be a jerk in the saddle.

But, Red has been officially labeled as "Ugly", as if I needed the help to figure that out!