Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Smell Like Fish

Cause Farmmom and I went a-fishin.

In spite of the drunken high school and college students, we managed to come home with a fairly tidy catch, four pan-sized catfish and three pan-sized rainbow trout.

There for a bit it was just almost toss the line in and reel in a fish!

The dawgs went along and had a blast... Farmdog found a fish head to munch on right off the bat and darned if that floppy thing that Gramma was playing with didn't smell just as yummy! She tried to steal one of the trout in a very sneaky manner, grabbing just the tip of the tail fin and backing away slowly, as Farmmom wrestled the hook out of it's mouth. She didn't succeed, but the Fuzzy Pup did get a taste of salmon egg bait. We left the jar open while in the process of getting lines cast (no small feat in a little treed in cove like we were in) and he investigated.

We also provided a bit of entertainment to the others at the Hole, when Farmmom dropped one of the fish I'd caught and it almost got away. We were scrambling around on the rocks and trying to get ahold of it, the Fuzzy Pup was wondering why we wouldn't just let him get it for us, and Farmdog was busily warning everyone in ear shot that that was our fish, back off!

For never having been fishing before, both the dawgs were exceedingly well behaved, in spite of a couple little slips.

All in all, a great time was had, for a day when we really expected nothing more than a chance to wet a line and relax.

Now if ya'll will excuse me, I really should shower. I wasn't kidding when I said I smell like fish....