Friday, September 28, 2007

Yeah, I'm never happy....

Mark reminded me last night of something that I've been meaning to write. Or, more correctly, re-write.

So, I'm working on re-writing the road construction accident from another perspective.

It will probably be in even more installments than the original, which means that all of my readers are going to have to be pretty danged dedicated, because when I printed out the original to aid in the editing process it was 24 pages, single spaced. And the reason I want to re-write it is all of the things that I left out.

Maybe I can turn it into a book, or something.

I wouldn't look for an installment for a few days at least, but I thought I'd let everyone know what was coming.

And, I promise, I won't pull a Pink Gorilla Suit and leave those of you interested in such things hanging on it.


So last night at about twenty minutes till the interview my nerves went insane. I was suddenly certain that no one was going to call in, and I was going to have absolutely nothing to say.

Then the interview started and the not having anything to say part got a little bit better.

Then a call came in. My first call in on my first ever interview? LawDog just calling to tell me I was doing a good job. From patrolling. Then it was Josh, to pull his stalker schtick, and then AD, and Babs.

It was extremely difficult for me not to squeal and go entirely fangirl when those people called in. When I heard LawDog's voice (once I could actually hear what he was saying) I was just gobsmacked. Listening to it this morning I gave in to my inner fangirl and sat here saying "OhmygodIdon'tbelieveit!"

Just thank goodness I was able to restrain myself from it last night.

Thanks to Mark for having me on, and thanks to everyone who listened and called in.

Oh and LawDog, AD, and Babs? Ya'll are my BlogIdols.