Monday, April 27, 2009

What the hell kind of world...

Just a few days ago I was praising the virtues of living in a small town. Unfortunately we're not immune to the bad shit, either.

Over the last few months there have been a couple of poisonings of people's dogs.

This evening, I went to bring the pups in from the yard, and found Farmdog gnawing on a big juicy ham joint.... that I didn't give her.

I took it away from her just in case, thinking that the step grandpa had given it to her and forgot to mention it. When he got back from his walk I asked and no, he didn't give it to her.

I don't know if it was poisoned or not... but I'm not taking any chances. I'll be watching both Farmdog and Fuzzy Pup (no actual evidence that he got into it at all, but I'm paranoid) like a hawk tonight.

The offending bone is in a plastic baggie in the kitchen, I've located the place it must've been thrown over the fence from, and a call has been placed to our vet, letting him know that we may be making an emergency run to see him.

It's gonna be a long night....