Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Oh, what a typo

Yeah yeah yeah I know, lots and lots of posts today, but I was just poking through my HTM student handbook (the handbook for the program, not the school) and realized that under attire, it states that:

"Women must wear appropriated undergarments for support."

Really now, what is that supposed to mean?

I just wonder if it was an honest typo, or if some work-study student slipped it in on them.


jon said...

I'm sure it's to guarantee some type of physical exertion for everyone. No gym class? Then, spend the day running around campus looking for undergarments that fit.

farmgirl said...

Yes, because they have to be appropriated.

I know they mean bras, and trust me, I wouldn't be caught dead horseback without one, that HURTS.

But I'm not sure anyone at that college has undergarments of a size for me, so I'll stick to my own.

Anonymous said...

Farmgirl, I know you're serious about the bras, but I got the visual of that possible work-study student you mentioned maybe participating in, and laughing about, panty raids. But those generally aren't sactioned by the school, unless I missed something.


Mark said...

Mustanger beat me to it about the panty raids Drats!!