Sunday, December 6, 2009

People's Press Collective

Last night at the book signing I met three of the guys from The People's Press Collective... since they gave me a button, I decided to pimp their site.

Actually, if you're in the Denver area and interested in Second Amendment Activism and generally just getting around the bias of the main stream media, it's a good site to check out.

They're far more motivated than I am.


Old NFO said...

Thanks for the link! Hope y'all had fun at the signing, or at least didn't have to wait too long!

Wesley said...

Nice briefly talking with you last night at the book signing, Farmgirl... Larry's book is literary crack. I've hardly gotten anything done today. Next time you guys venture up into the occupied territory of Denver, give us a shout and we'll grab beers.

FarmGirl said...

Wesley- indeed it is. He's a great guy all around and an excellent writer.

We're generally not up there around "Beer time" but the next time we are I'll let ya know. Especially if you email me so I know where to let you know... ya know?

Wesley said...

Oh, right. Even though I do enjoy the large carbon footprint of a smoke signal bonfire or using a rare and endangered avian courier, I'll shoot you my email.