Monday, December 7, 2009


It's snowing here, and it's truly that time of year when I become as much of a hermit as possible, and spend my time daydreaming of warmer climes.

During the winter I tend to ask myself when I'm thinking of doing something "Will this make me go outside? If so, is it worth it?"

Sometimes it is. Sometimes I get that weird mid-blizzard craving for ice cream, and just have to go find some, in spite of the fact that everyone else in the world is smarter than me and all tucked up in their nice warm houses with blankets and hot drinks.

Most of the time, it's not. Generally in this kind of weather the only thing that gets me out of the house is the need to break ice on stock tanks or otherwise do something that just can't wait for a warmer day.

And I don't want to hear anything about a white Christmas. When I'm rich and famous I'm dragging the Fam to Hawaii or Australia or somewhere else that has nice toasty Holidays.

Since I heard Lady Antebellum's cover of "Baby It's Cold Outside" it's been running through my head. Now all I need is some handsome young man to hum it while he's fixing me a hot Toddy and wrapping me up in a warm fuzzy blanket before rubbing my feet and doing my laundry.

Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?


Larry Correia said...

After leaving you guys in Denver, we drove home the next morning just to catch the snow all through the rest of Colorado, through Cheyenne, all the way to Rawlings. I got to see 8 wrecks between Longmont and Ft. Collins.

I hate snow. :)

FarmGirl said...

Yeah it wasn't all that pleasant for us on the drive home either... It got much better once we hit Pueblo though.

It was great meeting you, and I had an absolute blast at dinner, thanks for inviting us!

Old NFO said...

AND do your laundry??? :-)

FarmGirl said...

Yes, AND do my laundry. There's something quite enticing about a man folding towels...

(eagerly eyeballing my email inbox to see if anyone actually buys that)

Old NFO said...

Um.... er... yeah, right :-)

rremington said...

If you'd put some meat on your bones, you'd be warmer!

Christina RN LMT said...

There's nothing wrong with dreaming. *sigh*