Friday, October 5, 2007

A Note to the Inexperienced....

When you're going out dancing, it's usually not a good idea to wear something that constricts your breathing.

Corsets, no matter how cute they look, should be laced so that you can breathe. Otherwise, it'll mean an early night.

Oh, and Sparky? (Like he'll ever stumble across this but still...) You and your girlfriend can dance! I don't care how easy you say it is, I still can't dance like that.

But ya'll still suck for leaving early.


Gareth said...

Corset? Where?!

Anonymous said...

What kind of dance was this???

I didn't know women still wore corsets except as SASS/CAS competitors and/or in living history and re-enactor groups.


Mark said...

Corset? Are there pics?

Farmgirl said...

*Eyes the comments*

Yeesh, guys, way to be stereotypical!

Gareth- In my closet, at the moment.

Mustanger- yeah they're a heck of a fashion statement. Makes a girl feel all sessy. Unless, of course, they're me, and have to take unusual measures (like wearing a bra underneath) to make sure that the corset doesn't entirely flatten their chest. But once those measures are taken, they make a girl feel all hot.

Mark- No.

Chris in SE TX said...

Even if there were any pics (and there could be, Farmgirl is too smart to say there are pics, 'cause she knows there would be Hell, ok, maybe not Hell but MAJOR whining) we would not get to see them!!!

....anyway, as I've been doing on LD's and AD's blogs (begging)


I'm sitting here, the weather sucks, and no body has a new post!!!!! (except for Murphy, he never disapoints with posts)

Grrrr! (I hope the growl sounded manly)

Gareth said...

If we weren't stereotypical from time to time you'd wonder what the heck was up with us all I guess. Especially me ... so yeah ... there ... no hitting this time ok?